Dominique Gorse

Dominique Gorse
I am passionate about combining data pipeline technologies and interactive visualisation to create powerful media exploring the structure and behaviour of data


Dominique is a data scientist with more than twenty years of experience across life science, drug discovery and health. He is currently Director of the consulting branch of QCIF, a non-for-profit public company providing customised data analytics solutions to life science and clinical researchers.

Prior to its merger with QCIF, Dominique was the CEO of QFAB Bioinformatics, a joint venture between UQ, QUT and Griffith University. During eight years, he has provided the technical, operational and management leadership to create core competencies and provide services in data science.

Dominique spent six years with Bio-Layer, the biotech business now known as Anteo Diagnostics. He has designed and built a screening platform to develop new diagnostics products. Integral to this platform was a full hardware and software system for the collection, management, search and tracking of high-throughput experimental data.

He has also worked with Synt:em, a French biopharma company, where he led a team of bioinformaticians and statisticians to develop new algorithms that enabled fast and novel analysis of high dimensional datasets.

Dominique holds a PhD in computational science from the University of Bordeaux-France (1993) and an MBA from UQ (2012).




QFAB@QCIF, The University of Queensland

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